5 Activities Using Personality Puzzles for Teens

The Personality Puzzle for Teens is not only an effective tool to identify type, it’s also springboard for a number of activities to assist teens in the process of self-discovery.  Here are just a few of these activities: 1. This is Really Me! Take a look at your own type description (You have permission to copy one card for your client so he/she can refer back to the details on the card).  Underline the phrases that jump out at you as being a spot on de

Understanding Personal Strengths

Article originally posted @ www.annholm.net on December 2, 2011 Understanding personal strengths and cognitive style  is an important part of being effective in our work, relationships, and communication.  There are many tools and instruments that can be used to measure these strengths and preferences.  Some measures, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator have stood the test of time as being both valid and useful in creating this self-understanding. ...