It has long been my ambition to find an effective way to get an understanding of Type into schools. I was delighted to find someone to collaborate with on this project and the result is The Learning Puzzle cards. Mary Anne Sutherland is an educational consultant in Canada with 32 years experience using Type in schools. She also specialised in students with learning difficulties and this is reflected in these cards too.

The Learning Puzzle has been designed for educators, learners and, of course, parents who are an all-important part of the learning equation.


A 87 page, full colour manual on how to use the cards to their maximum potential. It contains:

  • An introduction to the Myers-Briggs theory
  • Coaching questions and activities for each of the preferences
  • Case studies showing how Type influences teachers and students


Sue and Mary Anne offer training specifically on how to get the most from these cards. They can run workshops where they live, otherwise Zoom options are a popular alternative.  Please contact Sue for more information. 


The resource includes preference cards for each of the 8 preferences and 16 whole type descriptions which have been specifically written with the learning environment in mind (although people of all ages love them!) Click here for examples.


Made from high quality laminated cards they can be used hundreds of times over. They offer an invaluable opportunity to guide a young person through a self-assessment of their own type preferences which has the advantage of them ‘owning’ the process. This can be accompanied by taking a questionnaire or on-line assessment but most often I use the cards independently. Once purchased you have permission to enlarge the preference cards at your local printer and make posters which add visual appeal to a learning environment. I allow the people I am working with to take as many photos as they wish. 

The cards can be purchased through this web site. If you wish to purchase multiple packs for groups of educators or run workshops in schools using multiple packs please be in touch and I can work out a price for you.


If you have any questions at all I would love to hear from you.