A new series of Zoom webinars is now available. Sue, the author of the cards, will be facilitating this programme. It has been designed for anyone wanting to use Type in coaching, whether they are new to this field or refreshing and adding to their skills.  

This is a four part series of webinars, two hours for each session, held at least a week apart. It can be held at any time and, obviously, you can join from any location around the world!

The four sessions cover:

Session 1

Using the Type for Adults, Type for Teens or Learning Puzzle coaching cards.

How to verify personality type using the Personality Puzzle coaching cards, along with tips, hints and extra soft copy resources not previous available.

Session 2

How to find the dominant function, what this means and why it matters PLUS how to combine the outer and inner two letters to clearly explain the four-letter Type code.

Session 3

Using The Type Trilogy coaching cards.

Temperament and Interactions Styles. The Type code can be broken down so many ways. These two perspectives explain what motivates us and what is our preferred communication style. Together they give a new approach to Type verification which greatly assists self-assessment of Type. 

Session 4

The eight Jungian cognitive processes. These are also hidden within the Type code. They are an integral part of Type theory which broadens knowledge of Type diversity and allows a solid understanding of how to differentiate between the sixteen Types.   

Fluency in all the above will give you the confidence you need to put the Myers-Briggs® theory into practical use. This is life-changing information accessed via an interactive, valuable and enjoyable process. 

All that is needed is an enthusiastic group of between four and six people. The cost is $300 + gst per participant for all four sessions. A 20% discount is available for all cards purchased during the course. 

PLUS Power Point versions of the verification cards are available for those wanting to do coaching on-line via Zoom or other on-line platforms. 

Please contact Sue for more information. She would love to talk to you about how to get going or how to add to your skills in this vital area.

Learning to use The Personality Puzzles is like most things; the more you learn the better the outcome and the more you practice the better you get!

Testimonial: Our online training sessions with Sue were the perfect solution for our needs on Personality Type training. Sue is extremely passionate and knowledgeable and shares this in an engaging manner. 

Tania, Career Navigator Coordinator, Graeme Dingle Foundation