I use the Personality Puzzle Type for Teens cards everyday in my work as a career consultant. I have found them to be an excellent tool of self discovery, particularly when working with young people and teenagers. They are easy to use, bright and non threatening, they feel good to touch, are clear to read and have aspects that appeal to all Types. If it is symbols and visuals or words and lists the cards cater for all. I find they allow the client to take ownership and create their profile easily giving the opportunity for discussion along the way. I have used them in workshop situations, in one to one and family settings each a different and successful experience.

I do not know what I would do without them!

Alison Laurie, Careers Consultant ENFP


The Personality Puzzle Type for Teens cards are my most valued resource as a MBTI practitioner. The everyday understandable language and symbols on the preference cards and the whole type descriptions would undoubtably be the best way to introduce Type to a teenage client. 

The last teenager I worked with arrived at my door looking sheepish and with little to contribute to a conversation. After taking him through the concept of personality preferences using the cards, he started to thaw and talk openly and honestly. For him to see his preferences were OK, and to hear me talking about them like they were, brought a smile to his face. When we clarified his whole type and he read the full description, he couldn’t find anything in it that didn’t describe him well. He was amazed that someone could have written something so accurately about him! The general career pathways that were suggested for his type, INFP, were quite surprising to him but made sense of his failure to impress the Army (they told him he didn’t have enough drive). It also made sense why some of his best marks at school and his biggest passion in life was for art and design. This teenager who had arrived with great despondency left our session with hope and direction that mobilised his journey towards a career pathway more in line with his passion. 

It’s seeing the light going on for teenagers that makes the Personality Puzzle – Type for Teens worth its weight in gold!

Nicky Gumbrell ESFJ  (www.3dpersonality.co.nz)


Using personality type with teenagers is a wonderful way to help them learn how they function best, how they learn best; but also to learn how to advocate for themselves and adjust when things can’t be the way they want them to be. The Personality Puzzle lets them explore who they are without being told who they are.

Dr. Jane Kise INFJ (Former President APTi – www.janekise.com)


Sue’s Personality Puzzle cards are easy to use and understand for both practitioner and client. The cards keep the process of discovering one’s Type fun, interactive and open for exploration. Unlike online or paper based Type assessments, the cards dismantle the misconception that Myers- Briggs is all about fitting people into Type boxes. Rather they encourage the client to see Type from the bigger perspective of how it can help them in the workplace, in their communication and in their career decision making. The conversations I’ve had with clients using the Type cards would never have come about using a paper or online assessment tool. I’ve found the cards particularly well received by young adults and teenagers as they are colourful and engaging to read and hold.

Tracey Smith  (Careers Consultant – www.peoplearchitects.co.nz)