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The Type Trilogy cards contain a wealth of information that takes an understanding of Type basics to another level. Co-written with Susan Nash we aimed to extend the use of Type theory to include three perspectives which, once taken on board, offer wide ranging opportunities to focus on in-depth personal development. This ‘trilogy’ approach includes:

  • The four Temperaments   (Why you do what you do?)
  • The four Interaction Styles   (How you do what you do?)
  • The eight Jungian Cognitive Processes   (What is your thinking style?)  

Each of these lenses are important in their own right. When combined they describe whole type in a way that gets attention, accelerates learning and encourages personal growth.

This approach to ‘Whole Type’, instigated by Linda Berens, is gaining popularity around the world and particularly in the coaching communities. It is used in one of three ways:

  • To break down the Type code and go beyond what is typically understood with the four dichotomies (E/I, S/N, T/F, J/P)  

In my coaching I find that the conversations around actions that can be taken have more clarity than when just using the eight preferences. The penny drops when they see the icons on the cards and realise the true differences in patterns of values and behaviours that are innate in us all. 

  • To initiate a guided discussion on Type without reference to the eight preference model

I have found that some people have become de-sensitized to the value of their type code and this approach offers a new and welcome perspective to their self-awareness. Of course, for some they have never done this type of work before and it offers a concise and accessible way to discuss diversity in themselves and others. 

  • To take one lens at a time and give focus on personal development just from one perspective

 As all coaches know there are times when we need to slow down. The cards enable a gradual self discovery process which is insightful and powerful.   

The Type Trilogy Cards User GuideThe Type Trilogy User Guide will be available shortly.

There is such a wealth of information available in this full colour manual which explains how to get the most from coaching using these cards. Including: 

  • The principles of the Type Trilogy approach – Understanding Whole Type
  • Identifying best-fit Type using all three lenses
  • Verifying best-fit type and differentiating between “Lookalikes”
  • Understanding your strengths and challenges as a coach
  • Questions to ask when coaching your clients using each of the three lenses


Sue Blair and Susan Nash both offer training using this model and how to get the most from these cards. They can run workshops if you are local, otherwise Skype and FaceTime options are a popular alternative when distance demands a technical solution. Please contact Sue or Susan for more information through the contact page on this web site.