Thank you so much AGAIN for creating these 6 classroom lessons.

They are still used EVERY year.  And the best bit  –  we tend to have new teachers every year coming through to teach the Y10 life skills programme. So every year a new batch of teachers begin to use and apply Myers-Briggs insights.

It is priceless to see the student’s faces as they reviewed their profiles. So good to see them try and apply their differences in a team allowing them to meet their responsibilities as Y13 roles as student councils of sport, peer support leaders, media, arts, service and missions.

Linda Clarke, Career Navigator – KingsWay School, Auckland


We have used the Personality Puzzle as part of our Y11 Global Citizenship course. The students enjoyed the unit and teachers found it straightforward to guide the students towards self-discovery of their preferences using the resources, activities and questioning threads suggested.

The final lesson was particularly valuable as the students received their overview document and then had the chance to chat with someone of the opposite set of preferences, discussing what types of things they each found challenging. It provided another tool to encourage acceptance and understanding of differences.

We have recently revisited this with the same year group and found they remembered their code or could be quickly taken through the decisions again. We went on to look a little at learning preferences as an introduction to examination study. This is certainly an aspect that could be further extended.

Kaye Griffiths – Careers Counsellor, Pinehurst School