An essential tool for teachers dedicated to helping their students discover success.

Garry Ryan – High School Teacher and Special Educational Needs Consultant


I have spent some time with your Learning Puzzle Cards and I think they are fantastic. Very comprehensive, clear and user friendly. This will be an invaluable resource for all educators. Congratulations on a very fine piece of work.

Wendy MacWhirter – Former principal


The Learning Puzzle enables parents and educators to fully understand how students need different approaches to learning and how all can be successful if they are taught with this understanding.  My year 12 teenager  (aged 17) hated History, saying that the teacher went too slow and micromanaged her assignment which frustrated her.  After providing the teacher with the Learning Puzzle card for ENTJ, something miraculous happened.  Georgia went from wanting to pull out to loving it! I don’t know of any other educational resource which provides specific teaching strategies to enable success in learning.  It is a resource I can highly recommend for all educators.

Nicky Gumbrell – Parent and Educator