The sample cards below are from each of the three Personality Puzzles which contain Type descriptions using the Myers-Briggs personality framework: Type for Adults, Type for Teens and The Learning Puzzle. I use them in combination although all were created for a specific purpose.

The key advantage of these are that they are concise and accurate. Many people get overwhelmed by a multi-page report that they may rarely review after first reading. After using the eight Verification cards, also included in each set, you can very quickly determine if you are on the right track to find best-fit Type with your client.

No-one can be described completely in such a small space, although I’m surprised at just how many times I’m told that it does! 80% accuracy is a good enough goal. Any less than this and it is worth continuing the exploration process.

Excellent coaching conversations can develop from each of these paragraphs. Further coaching questions are suggested in the User Guides which are all available at no cost on this web site

Please click on the cards to enlarge them.

Type For Adults ENFP

Typically used in business, management and executive coaching.

Type For Adults ISTJ

Type For Teens ENFP

Typically used coaching youth or with parents and educators. Having said that, although I created them for teens, these descriptions sit well with all ages – from 3 to 93! So I now use them in a very broad range of coaching situations.

Type For Teens ISTJ

The Learning Puzzle ENFP

Typically used with teachers, educators, students and parents. An invaluable summary from which many ideas, strategies and solutions emerge.

The Learning Puzzle ISTJ