Having now  completed the Personality Puzzle webinars I would like to say thank you, your passion for the work you do is always inspiring.

Having previously attended a workshop of your yours, the Personality Puzzle webinars provided further insights, clarity, and understanding to further support my work as a Career Professional.

Your knowledge, experience, and high level of skill in this field of work is extensive and this combined with your easy and engaging style made the sessions relaxed, very interesting and enjoyable.

Thank you  

Sue Staveley – Staveley Consulting


Our online training sessions with Sue were the perfect solution for our needs on Personality Type training. Sue is extremely passionate and knowledgeable and shares this in an engaging manner. 


Sue has worked with the Graeme Dingle Foundation, delivering Personality Plus programme for a number of years.  This year we were very lucky to have been able to have Sue deliver to our team around the country via media conferencing.  Sue has a delightful approach which helps any learner feel at ease in her presence.  The delivery was always considered and at our pace as she focussed on the importance of questions and conversations as a part of the learning process.  The team who have worked with Sue this year have all felt empowered, more knowledgeable and in a fantastic position to be able to now include this content in each of their roles.  It is always a pleasure working with Sue.

Kelley Marra – Programme Developer


I have recently carried out Personality Puzzle training with Sue Blair.  It is evident from the personalised examples she uses throughout the training that she is very experienced with type analysis.  The training was carried out fortnightly via Zoom, but was interactive, entertaining and individualised. 

We were able to learn more about ourselves, often laughing out loud when Sue accurately predicted our behaviour based on our individual type preferences.  Not only did she clarify my own MBTI preference (which had been previously incorrectly typed via questionnaire) but she showed us how to ask deeper questions of our students to allow them to correctly select their own preference.  It was extremely useful having the training spaced out over a number of weeks so we could practice using the type cards, then come back to Sue with any questions that had come up in our student sessions. 

I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to have connected directly with Sue and benefited from her years of type experience and I highly recommend engaging with her if you ever get the chance!

Rachel Rodgers, Programme Co-ordinator, Graeme Dingle Foundation


Our organization initially contacted Sue regarding some training around Personality Type training. After chatting with Sue and sharing what our needs were, Sue provided customized online training for our team. Her passion and knowledge made each session engaging and positioned at just the right level for our current level of understanding. We are now more educated to help our students understand themselves more in depth, which is a significant part of their career pathway journey.

Tania, Career Navigator Coordinator, Graeme Dingle Foundation


Sue’s resources are user friendly and her Zoom sessions helped us to bring them to life in a fun and engaging way.  She has such a good handle on people’s differences that she can juggle everyone’s learning styles to make sure the whole group gets the most out of their time commitment.  It doesn’t matter if you are working one to one, or with small or larger groups, these sessions will arm you with the tools you need to confidently deliver your sessions.  It’s all very fascinating and you’ll be eager to work through the processes for yourself to grow self-awareness and an understanding of others.

Megan Kusabs, Graeme Dingle Foundation


Thank you so much for an interesting and engaging training programme. The workshops were amazing and attention grabbing. The way you explained the content was so easy to understand. I loved every minute and could continue learning about personality types for hours. I am now enjoying practicing the skills you have taught us and look forward to the endless opportunities to connect with our teams and our rangatahi using these tools. Thanks – Ashley Toye


I would like to thank you for sharing your expertise with us all. It is truly a gift to understand ourselves better and I look forward to helping others explore their Type with the assistance of your resources. Although the workshops were entirely online they were still fun and personable, interactive and effective. I have already recommended your training to others in the youth work field. I can see very clearly how Type could make a positive difference to how our young people value and understand themselves.  Ramari


I found Sue’s course extremely helpful as it has clarified more about who I am, how I work and engage with others in my personal life and in the workplace. I have already used what I have learnt in my workplace interactions and communications. This course has also made me more aware of the way we engage with each other using our different personality traits so knowing this enables me to best communicate effectively taking into account how someone else may react or best prefer responses.

 Sue has an open friendly manner and allows attendees time to ask questions, absorb information and to feedback throughout. I enjoyed it so much I actually miss our training sessions now it has ended. 

 Would definitely recommend this course to others especially middle and upper managers leading teams of people.  Adi