The Personality Puzzle for Teens is not only an effective tool to identify type, it’s also springboard for a number of activities to assist teens in the process of self-discovery.  Here are just a few of these activities:

1. This is Really Me!

Take a look at your own type description (You have permission to copy one card for your client so he/she can refer back to the details on the card).  Underline the phrases that jump out at you as being a spot on description of your personality.   Discuss in a group or with a coach or counselor.  When do these work well for me?  When do they get me in trouble?

2. Building Bridges

The cards provide an effective format to help build better connections within families.  Using the Teen Cards, take a look at the “At Home” preferences for all family members.  How is everyone managing these preferences?  What could improve communication and cooperation at home?  What are 3 changes you  are going to try this week?  Remember that type does not excuse anyone from doing a non-preferred behavior.  It merely provides a bridge to negotiate an effective solution between the various parties.

3. Mad and Sad

Using the teen cards, look at the section “I get upset when”.  Underline the item that makes you the most mad!  Is there anything you can do that will help you when you get mad like this?   Look at the section “I May Need Help With”.  Who can you ask for help if you need it?   What strategies will help you manage your challenges?

4.  Help Me Find a Career

Draw 3 intersection circles that intersect.  This is called a venn diagram.  Using the Teen cards, look at the career cards that suit your middle two preferences (ST,SF,NF, or NT).   In one circle, write the careers that appeal to you.  Some may be on the card.  Others might be what interests you.   In another circle, write down your skills.  It may help to keep in mind what school subjects you enjoy the most.  In the last circle, write down your interests and hobbies.  The trick is to find what career relates to all of these 3 items you have written in your circle.   This might be a helpful exercise with a career counselor.

5.  Study Buddy

Using the Teen Cards, take a look at your own type description.  Pay special attention to the “As a student” section.  Is there anything you can do that will help you study in a way that works with your personality?  Who else may need to know this information?

Learning how you learn best is a key component to reaching your personal goals.   Advocate for yourself whenever it is appropriate to do so.  Seek help if you aren’t sure how to communicate this to a teacher