Using card sorts is a remarkably effective way to engage those you are coaching. Interactive and enjoyable, they allow space for meaningful conversations which create the shift in understanding and behaviour that coaches and their clients seek.

Key advantages:

  • Clients engage and participate with the process very quickly.
  • The cards can be sorted in a variety of different ways to explain how the type preferences can be combined e.g. function pairs, outside letters, type dynamics etc.
  • They are simple but not simplistic. Complex psychology can be taught and explored with ease.
  • Valuable insights can be gained about the client’s personality by watching them use the cards. For instance, if your client has an preference for extraversion, they will probably start talking almost immediately when looking at the cards. Introversion often looks very different, reading quietly and speaking when ready. 
  • Clients have the opportunity to ‘play around’ with cards to assess their own preferences and also those of significant others in their world. They point at and shuffle the cards to explain not only how their own preferences influence them but also how they differ from others. For many this means they enjoy the process, learn faster, retain the information with ease and are more easily convinced that this model works.


As the cards have a quality laminate finish they last for years. People have told they have used the cards several times a day for years and they are still as good as new. 

It is also possible to use a whiteboard marker to highlight important elements on any of the cards and erase them when finished.