Type for Teens is a psychological type resource offered by Personalitypuzzles.com

In 1943, the theoretical framework of Carl Jung and the work of Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs created the assessment widely known as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the MBTI. Millions of people have benefitted from this work by finding their own paths to self awareness and their unique life strategies. Such knowledge has also helped individuals relate better with those around them.

The instrument has stood the test of time and millions have benefited from it’s use. Due to the strength of the constructs of the MBTI, many resources and tools were subsequently created. The Personality Puzzle is one such resource.  It is simple, effective, and concise and for those who wish to learn for personal enjoyment and fulfilment it can be very helpful.  It can also serve as a powerful adjunctive tool for the certified type professional.

When a resource becomes available which is as simple to use as The Personality Puzzle, it can become tempting to bypass ceritification training. However,I would like to urge users of the Personality Puzzle and other similar resources to complete a qualifying or certification program if they wish to explore type in depth . There are many available around the world to choose from. It is important for the following reasons:

  • I believe that taking people through an understanding of their own personality is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. It is a personal journey which can in many cases be life changing. It should be undertaken with care and integrity. It cannot be done with minimal knowledge and should be done by people who are committed to reaching the best outcome for their client and who are also continuing to improve and enhance their expertise.
  • Qualified professionals, particularly those who are members of their local or international professional associations, are best placed to offer a high quality service.
  • The standard of the qualification programmes worldwide is very high. It is best to learn from the experts; those who have used this model for many years, are authors on their subject or who have served the Type community well.
  • It is best to avoid being too simplistic. Although the cards are easy to use they can be a springboard to the complexity that a full understanding of psychological type can offer.
  • After qualifying it is so worthwhile to undertake further study; become a Master Practitioner (US only), be involved in the many webinars now available internationally, join one of the many Associations for Psychological Type now set up worldwide, join a local chapter or interest group, , join any one of many LinkedIn groups that provide a wide range of discussion on Type related issues, make the most of the books, resources , social network forums and web sites. At all times make it a priority to increase your knowledge and understanding of Type.

While I fully understand that type certification is not a universal priority among all professionals,  I believe it truly increases both the usefulness and the personal enjoyment of this process of self-discovery.

Sue Blair